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One thing about Canada's heartland: there are any number of large cities providing endless sources of employment, residential housing, and recreational opportunities for the people that live in them. These cities are also well known as tourism hot spots, and each has its own selling points in both regards. The central region of Canada, from Quebec City down to Windsor, is the most highly populated region of the country, and that means that most of the business, development, and governing of the nation occurs in this one relatively small area.

On this site, we are focused on one of the largest cities in the corridor and the nation, London Ontario. As is the case with many Ontario cities, London is rather poorly represented on the national scene despite having the tenth greatest population in the country. This is ahead of several provincial capitals and located in the hub of Canadian activity. Still, it has never had a major league team in any sport and you rarely hear about the city on the news. In large part, this is due to the fact that London is just one of several huge metropolitan centres in this part of Canada; Ottawa, Hamilton, and of course that definer of Canadian metropolis, Toronto.

In spite of London's lack of national recognition,, the city still provides a lot of work and places to live for a huge percentage of the Canadian population. We think that means the city merits its own comprehensive website, something we have endeavoured to put together here.

It is all well and good for us to blow London's horn here in the introduction, but you are probably interested in what exactly you can look forward to on our London site. Well, our primary focus will be on the residential opportunities available in the city. The nickname of London is the Forest City, and as you might be able to infer there is a concentration on maintaining and increasing the green space throughout the municipality. This makes London one of the premiere locations in Ontario for those who love the idea of combining ultramodern metropolis living with a lot of vegetation and scenic views and countryside.

Of course, most will be interested in why people live in London, aside from the draw of the scenery. The fact is that this city has a diverse and vibrant economy with roots in several sectors and that continues to expand each year. It is one of the most diverse manufacturing municipalities in Canada, with some very interesting companies and projects coming out of London each year (we don't want to get too specific just yet, but we will say that some of history's most fascinating machines have been built in London, at least from the Canadian side of things).

As for recreational opportunities, well, you can expect to find these explored on our website as well. You can expect any city with a population of over 300,000 to be a major hub, with concerts, cultural events, outdoor recreation, sports leagues, and other forms of entertainment. London is home to several stadiums, arenas, libraries, museums, and art galleries to satisfy anyone looking for cutting-edge cultural experiences in the city. In fact, London's cultural contributions are among the most original and comprehensive in the country, a fact that has contributed greatly to the rise in the number of tourists in the city each year. Read what Trip Advisor says are the top reasons thousands visit this city every single year.

London also has a concentration on local events. Several parades, festivals, and celebrations are held in the city on an annual basis. Each year, these events attract more and more people and some of the festivals have grown to be among the biggest in the nation. London is also home to several production companies who contribute to the fine arts scene of the city, another topic you will hear more about in our articles.

All in all, we think that you will find London, Ontario a fascinating place, perfect for a visit or to make a permanent home. We will show you proof in the articles on this website, where we explore London in all its glory. If you know your heart is set on London Ontario, your next step is to sell your current property. If you live in another area, try doing a search online for a local real estate agent.

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